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About this site

The Untold Stories website is a collaborative initiative between the Townsville Women's Centre and a local James Cook University Education student.  It aims to create awareness about the various issues faced by homeless women and children within the community.  It includes:

  • a fact page

  • stories from women who are/were (or are at risk of) homelessness and women who work within the homelessness service

  • contact details for those in need and

  • a potential learning project for teachers. 


The process

Throughout a four week period, a local fourth year Education student interviewed women who had utilised the Townsville Women's Centre's services. The women's circumstances were different, but  all had faced homelessness at least once in their lifetime.


The women told their stories through an interview process, which was then published with their consent and perusal.  The women were happy to share their tales in order to inform the community of what it is like to experience homelessness.  The case managers and support workers at the Women's Centre also shared their experiences and stories related to working in the homelessness sector.

News, Publications and Further Information

Helping Homeless- The Power of One


added 11/10/2013


A YouTube clip which shows how one person can improve a homeless person's day and increase their chances of finding advice and a safe place to sleep.  This is a simple way to help those in need.


Homelessness Australia organisation YouTube clip


A clip published in March this year that provides up to date statistics about homelessness.


Homelessness in Australia


A clip which explains some of the causes and effects of homelessness.  But most importantly, what you can do to help the current situation.








Connect with Us





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The Women's Centre Services

The Specialist Homelessness Service is a professional and non-judgemental service within a safe, caring and supportive environment for women from the Townsville region.  It offers:  

  • Support and refferals for emotional and mental health, sexual assault and drug and alcohol issues

  • Case management and advocacy

  • Personalised support plans

  • Referral to other housing services

  • Home and Outreach visits

  • Ease of access to Centrelink services

  • Budgeting and household management

  • Domestic and family violence support

  • Community resources

  • Shower and clothes washing facilities


The Women's Centre also offers:

  • Counselling

  • Community education

  • Therapeutic groups

  • Internet cafe and telephones

  • Legal clinic

  • Play group






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